To the waterfalls on Černý brook and to the Frýdlantské cimbuří (battlement) natural viewing tower

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Trip designed forwalking
Length12 km

Bílý Potok pod Smrkem, railway station – U Liščí chaty (2 km) – Kámen osvobození, stone (3 km) – Hajní church (3.7 km) – Pod Frýdlantským cimbuřím (5 km) – Frýdlantské cimbuří (battlement) (5.3 km) – Polední Stones (6 km) – Pavlova Path (7 km), turn left – /Pavlova road/ – Štolpišská silnice (10.5 km) – /Štolpišská road/ – Smědava (12 km)

A short trail suitable for everyone without any major health problems, we warn about the substantial elevation and physical strain on the way! It is possible to use the train from Liberec.

One of the few routes where you won’t encounter any bikes but you will see “chains” as in the Tatra Mountains. The starting point is Bílý Potok pod Smrkem from where you will slowly ascent the steepest roads to the heart of the Jizera Mountains, to Smědava. The first stop might be at the waterfalls on Černý brook and then ascend to Hajní church; afterwards, there are views of Frýdlant and its surroundings from the Frýdlatské battlement.

Another part of the trip will be in a quieter pace of easier terrain, from Polední Stones to Pavlova path – you shouldn’t continue forward using yellow marks but go around Mt. Smědava from the northern part. A trained eye won’t miss the remains of a plane crash. From the Pavlova path you will get to Štolpišská road which leads to Smědava.

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