Fauna of the Jizera Mountains


In the past, the local forests were inhabited by bears, wolves and wild boars. All these species were exterminated by people and so today there are mainly deer – roe deer, fallow deer and mouflon, all of which are so widespread that they are causing numerous problems. There are also wild boars which came back from the border areas and now live predominantly in beech forests. In addition to deer there is also the red fox and the European pine marten, and probably 12 kinds of bats that live in old mine tunnels near Nové Město. Worth mentioning are for example the pond bat, Bechtein's bat and the northern bat. Other smaller mammals here are the common shrew and the Eurasian pygmy shrew, the yellow-necked mouse, the hazel dormouse and the edible dormouse. There is, however, little chance that you will encounter them while wandering through the Jizera Mountains countryside.


The typical amphibian in the region of the Jizera Mountains is the salamander, which often appears in local beech forests.


Of the birds in the Jizera Mountains it is possible to observe quite rare owls – the Eurasian Eagle-Owl and the Boreal Owl. Other birds inhabiting the Jizera Mountains are the Black Redstart, the European Pied Flycatcher, the Red-breasted Flycatcher, the Eurasian Nuthatch, Tree Pipit, Great Tits and Blue Tits. In some places you can also see, with a little bit of luck, the Black Stork, the Black Woodpecker, the Grey-headed Woodpecker, the White-throated Dipper and the Grey Wagtail. Birds of prey also live here – e.g. the Common Buzzard and the Northern Goshawk.

Flora of the Jizera Mountains


Forests in the Jizera Mountains consist of 75 % spruce vegetation and 10 % beech forests, while the rest is either overgrown with other species or is just bare. In case of spruce vegetation there is often a rich undergrowth of herbs including bilberries, moss and ferns. Even mushroom-pickers will be satisfied.

Peat bogs

In the Jizera Mountains there are numerous peat bogs. There are about 50 of them but just a few are accessible to the public. Among these are for example the Jizerka and Na Čihadle peat bogs. Local peat bogs came into existence after the last Ice Age, approximately 10,000 years ago.


Plants that generally grow in northern areas can be found in the Jizera Mountains. It is almost untouched nature which, unfortunately, is not large enough to provide individual biotopes for bigger animals.


Meadows are one of the typical features of many mountains and the Jizera Mountains are no exception. As anywhere else, the meadows here are mainly the result of human activity. Most meadows were created in the 16th century when the forests were cut down due to the need for wood in the glass industry.


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