To the peat bogs of the Jizera River around the Dung house
The Jizera Mountains present infinite possibilities for hiking or pleasant summer family walks. Just because you are in the mountains doesn’t mean that you have to climb steep hills or go on adventurous expeditions along narrow forest paths, but if you are interested, you will find something you will enjoy for sure, and you can find many recommendations for these trips at
08. 08. 2013
Escape the heat to the Jizera Mountains
Hot days in towns are unbearable these days. Hot concrete and town centres don’t provide any refuge. The situation is different in the Czech mountains. “The Jizera Mountains are ideal for flight from hot cities. Even though many people don’t believe it, high temperatures in the mountains are tolerable even for trips on bikes or when hiking,” says Mr Ivo Konečný from the Tourist Association, and adds that there usually isn’t anything that can be heated to high temperatures in nature.
31. 07. 2013 | Jablonec
The perfect way to get to the waterfalls on the Černá Desná River is from the town of Desná, following the red markings, i.e. upstream. Step by step you will pass the Plotnový waterfall and, further on, the Dlouhý, Bukový and finally even the Hrncový waterfalls. “There is quite a strong current in this part of the Černá Desná River. The elevation gain in this 100-metre long protected stretch is approx. 600 metres,” points out Mr Bažant.
24. 07. 2013 | Culture | Desná II
Where to go to enjoy clean air in Bohemia? To the Jizera Mountains
The Jizera Mountains, a popular destination for winter and summer holidays, have some of the cleanest air in the whole Czech Republic. This has been confirmed by research done at the end of last year. “Scientists examined the level of pollution in the Czech mountains and compared it with the state there 20 years ago,” says Mr Pavel Byron, director of the Museum of the Jizera Mountains.
09. 07. 2013
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